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Welcome Real Estate Partners!

You are here because you want the best for your clients. We value that you have put your trust in Red Flag Home Inspection, LLC to care for your clients’ purchase. We will match that trust by striving to perform a comprehensive and thorough evaluation of the premises, while ensuring our execution occurs timely.

Our scheduling department will ensure that the most rigid of time constraints are upheld, and the inspector’s report will address all cited issues in the InterNACHI SOP.

You will take value in knowing that our service to your client does not end on inspection day, as we are there to explain the content of our reports to ensure they are engaging in the transaction fully informed of the condition of the home they are purchasing.

We also ease concerns through our Insurance Coverages and Warranty Protections that are applied to every Full Home Inspection.  These warranties ensure that is an issue with a property arises after your client has taken possession of the property, the insurance company will engage and take the lead on working with the client.

Services offered:

  • FREE Home Warranties to Protect Your Clients After Closing (See them HERE).
  • FREE Thermal Imaging (See why we include this HERE.)
  • FREE Temperature and Humidity Readings and Evaluation
  • FREE Inspection of Sprinkler Systems
  • FREE Plumbing Pressure Testing
  • FREE Microwave Leakage Testing
  • FREE Follow-up Discussion on any questions you may have after reviewing the report
  • 24/7 online inspection scheduling; Realtors, contact us about getting emergency contact information for last minute inspections required
  • Appointments offered ANY day of the week (very limited availability on Sundays)
  • Confirmation emails sent prior to the inspection and follow-up emails sent the day after the inspection
  • FULL Color Reports are provided within 24 hours, and are delivered via email to eliminate delays in your real estate transactions.  RUSH orders that require 24 or less hours turnaround can be accommodated at no extra charge.
  • Opinions and citations of deficiency are delivered in a clear and concise manner.  Provided photographs assist the readers in understanding the failure of the cited deficiencies.  

“They always go above and beyond to make sure my clients have a complete understanding of any findings. Their inspections are thorough and the detail they provide in the report is top-notch. I’ve tried other inspectors and hands down Red Flag Home Inspection stands above all others.”

– Donna

Understanding your Red Flag Home Inspection Report

The Red Flag report is clearly labeled so you can quickly and easily understand the sections being covered.  The various hyperlinks are available to assist with navigating to key locations within the report, and significant deficiencies (major defects) are summarized at the beginning section of the report.  To better understand, please take a look at our sample report linked below.

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