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Call us anytime and we will get you all squared away on your next Red Flag Home Inspection.  You can read about single family inspections, condo inspections, townhouse inspections, mobile home inspections, manufactured home inspection.  You can also read about our various insurance inspections like a 4-point inspection, wind mitigation inspection, and roof inspection.

How do you put a price on a service that can (literally) save you thousands?  Browse through the tool above to find out.  Getting the best doesn’t mean taking out a second mortgage.  You may be thinking you will regret spending a few hundred dollars, but REAL regret comes from those who are not saved from having to spend many THOUSANDS of dollars (repairing defects).  It’s your call….

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Whether a First-Time Homebuyer or a Veteran Investor, you owe it to yourself to be fully informed on the various aspects of the property you are buying.  Entrust Red Flag Home Inspection, LLC to evaluate your home and rest assured that you are in good hands.  Not convinced, visit our About Us page to learn more about the Red Flag Home Inspection difference!


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No matter what your selected home throws at us, your Red Flag Home Inspector is ready to take it on.  Have something very unique and rare (great), call us up and lets discuss what we can do to inspect it for you.

Buyer Inspection

We do more of these than any other service. Let us inspect your home, save surprises for birthdays

Seller Inspection

Gain the Power to market your house as pre-inspected. Take care of critical flaws that may otherwise derail your next transation.


These structures have different criteria, due to the unique ownership arrangements of each. Let us inspect the portions that matter to you.

New Construction

We can conduct various inspections to ensure your house is being built with safety and function in mind.

4-Point and Wind Mitigation

Whether to satisfy insurance, or verify the construction improvements in the house you are buying, these inspections are a must.


We have all of the toys to get your job done. Discuss any special accomdations you think your home may need.

Still Confused About Inspections Needed? Call us up and let us discuss your options

The home buying process is stressful enough, let us lay out our processes and expectations.  We have been on your side of this transaction, and know the feeling.  If we can lighten the load by this little gesture, we are happy to do it.  Call, email or text anytime.

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