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Sellers Inspection

Congratulations on the decision to sell your house!

To make sure you are ready to test the market, you should consider getting a Red Flag inspection.  An inspection report will allow you to the items you can pre-emptively fix or mitigate issues and deficiencies found; before they have a chance to derail your future sale. At times, the presentation of an independent inspection report may speed up the closing process or possibly have the buyer feel more confident waiving the inspection contingency altogether.

Regardless, others knowing you have done your due diligence will provide confidence in prospective buyers.  They will already know to expect an up-front and honest seller who is adamant about providing a top-quality house.

This inspection is completed in accordance with the same Standards of Practice (SOP) as our other Home Inspections.

If you are also buying a new house in this market, consider getting a Buyer’s Inspection HERE.