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Red Flag Home Inspection, LLC is ready to accommodate all of your real estate inspection needs. We provide a comprehensive and thorough evaluation of your target property, regardless if you are the selling owner, buyer, or builder. The major categories of inspection services we provide are:

Buyer Inspection

A full inspection of your future home conducted by a licensed home inspector in accordance with the InterNACHI SOP.

Seller inspection

A comprehensive list of defects and deficiencies to allow you to make pre-emptive repairs or enhancements to improve your home’s value and marketability.

Condo Townhouse Duplex

Condo/Townhouse/Duplex/Manufactured Home

Similar evaluation scope as depicted in Buyer Inspection above, but addressing the nuances and uniqueness that comes with these very different structure types. All completed in accordance with InterNACHI SOP.

New Construction

New Construction

We conduct an inspection prior to slab pour and prior to the builder’s walk-thru to provide you a list of inspector-noted deficiencies and mitigation needed by the builder prior to acceptance as “final” for closing. This allows provisions to be identified for rectifying deficiencies prior to the purchase being finalized and/or you taking occupancy.

11 month

11 month inspection

This inspection is performed approximately a month prior to the expiration of the typical 1-year new home builders-warranty. Similar to the New Construction Occupancy, our inspectors look for any signs of failure in the building/systems that have developed during that span. Identification of flaws within the warranty term ensures consideration toward mitigation out of warranty prior to expiration.

Expert Consultation

Expert Consultation Services

When you or your clients need a second opinion, you can count on Red Flag Home Inspection to evaluate and provide an honest and unbiased opinion. Learn more about our expert consulting services.

Ancillary Services

New Construction


For $100 or less (when bundled) you can Save Thousands on your Insurance Premium by getting a Wind Mitigation Inspection from your Red Flag Inspector. Learn more about our wind mitigation inspections in our blog. We also conduct 4-Point inspections required by some carriers to retain your current policy.

Pool Inspection


This add-on service is to inspect the pool and spa for safety related criteria like the access doors, protective fences, walking surfaces, hand-rails, and any other required or present emergency equipment. The function of equipment in-place will be documented as well, and deficiencies will be cited in our final report.

Plumbing Evaluation


A sewer scope inspection from Red Flag Home Inspection, LLC helps the inspector assess the areas of the plumbing that cannot be seen from within the living space, the interior portion of the pipe. The camera within the pipe allows us to visually inspect for tree root infiltration, build-up, sludge, grease or other blockages. If not found/cleared, these blockages can cause backing up, sluggish drainage, and damage to the finishes within the residence.

Drone Imaging

Drone Imagery

Utilization of the drone allows an aerial perspective that would otherwise be very difficult to achieve for an inspection by other means. At times, this tool allows us a vantage point to inspect otherwise inaccessible areas of the residence (such as a very steep or highly deteriorated and unsafe roof).

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