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Wind Mitigation Inspection

Florida has a history and tendency to be….unique.  Our insurance industry is no different, but in a kind of a good way (for a change).  We have a few insurance products that are fairly unique to Florida.  

The first Florida-centric inspection is a Wind Mitigation Inspection.  This inspection, unlike the prior 4-Point inspection, is for the sole benefit of YOU (the homeowner).  Florida State Statute  627.0629 require that insurance carriers provide discounts for the construction-related mitigation measures that you have installed in your home.  You can read more on our in-depth blog article covering wind mitigation inspection.

The service fees for these inspections run $100 (and less when bundled with each other or full inspections), yet may save you thousands (annually) on the wind portions of your insurance bills.  The inspection is good for 5 years and can be redone to continue beyond the 5-year span.

Your inspector will be recording your application for building permits, checking if it is from / post 9/11/94 (Miami-Dade and Broward; High Winds) or from / post 3/1/2002 for the rest of the state. This is because those buildings were built according to either the South Florida Building Code (SFBC-94) or Florida Building Code (known as Florida Building Code, 2001, or FBC). On March 1, 2002, the Florida Building Code was established as the overriding code for all other local building codes within the state of Florida. Buildings built before those dates may not use the same construction standards, since building codes are standards contractors are required to pass to build their projects.

Building codes have become more strict over time, and they are improving how we build our buildings. We have learned from our mistakes, and have tightened our standards every time a revision is passed, which happens in Florida every 3 years.

If your home was built after March 2002, or if your roof was installed after 2004, you likely meet the criteria to get significant discounts

4-Point Insurance Inspection

The next inspection type is a 4-Point inspection.  If you own or have purchased an older home, you likely already know what a 4-Point Inspection entails (in fact, you were likely FORCED to get such an inspection to secure insurance coverage for that property). If you are purchasing a home older than 30 years, or less if you are purchasing a rental/investment property, you very well may be required to have a 4-Point Inspection completed. This inspection is SOLELY for the benefit of the Insurance Company, and it informs them of the liability they are taking on by insuring your property.

So What is a 4-Point Inspection?

A 4-Point Inspection focuses on the most critical 4 components from an Insurance RISK standpoint. It includes the:

  • Roof
  • Electrical System
  • Heating and Cooling Systems
  • Plumbing Systems

If you have older, or systems deemed more prone to failure, you may be declined for coverage altogether. These 4 components represent the areas most commonly cited items in insurance claims.

Roof Inspection

Another inspection that is an extension of a 4-Point inspection is a Roof Inspection.  This inspection is also for the sole benefit of your insurance company, but to have a third-party inspector “certify” the age and condition of your roof.  In the event your roof is older (depending on the material), or in poor condition, your insurance company may require you to replace the covering to retain your current policy.

All of these inspections are completed in accordance with the same Standards of Practice (SOP) as our other Home Inspections.

Allow Red Flag Home Inspection to guide you through this hectic time, alongside your chosen realtor.  We will inspect in accordance or exceeding the Standards of Practice, so you can relax and enjoy the excitement.

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