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You are here because you understand that a home inspection is a pivotal component of a home purchase process.  You are here because you understand that a home inspection is a pivotal component of a home purchase process.  Finding a Home Inspector can be a daunting task.  It’s extremely difficult to sort through the google listings, and make an educated decision.  Like my parents always told me, things happen for a reason.  YOU landed here for a reason!  Hopefully you are not under the gun to make a rushed decision, as the best time to do research like this is prior to extending the offers.  If you are on a 7-day inspection contingency, you may want to read (very fast) and decide which aspects are most meaningful to you and your situation.  In all, you are doing all of the right things, as you clearly understand that the Home Inspection ensures you are making a solid financial decision in a time overrun with emotional feelings amplified by heightened stress levels.  It also ensures your home has modern-day safety amenities to keep you and your guests out of harm’s way.  This is your prime opportunity to get a third-party professional to alert you to the condition of something that, for many people, may be their most expensive purchase EVER.  Now that I have you suitably stressed out, let’s discuss how you can find that perfect Home Inspector to make sure you are properly advised (and why that leads you right here to Red Flag Home Inspection, LLC).  Call us anytime at (813)403-7756 to learn more.  Our training and development cannot be matched, and our customer service is second to none!  Learn more about How to Choose at Tampa Home Inspector, and many other topics in our top rated Blog!

Red Flag Home Inspection, LLC’s mission is to provide a superior home inspection and advise our clients of the good/bad about the purchase of what is likely their greatest financial and sentimental asset….…their HOME. We succeed at this due to our unwavering discipline, top-notch training and development, and the use of cutting-edge technologies.

Red Flag brings years of experience, and knowledge, of residential and light commercial construction, to every project we take on. Our employees have been hand-picked and selected based on their technical abilities and level of competence, as well as their personal qualities and core values. We truly conduct ourselves as if the investment, and any Red Flags it may contain, are our own. It is our mission to ensure that you are adequately informed of these Red Flags and (as such) able to make an informed decision.  Hiring another Home Inspector is a RED FLAG you cannot afford to miss!

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